Come to Kannur. Witness a cultural of thousands of years old!

Kannur has been since olden days, the cradle of ageless folk art and music. Even today, the myriads of   Kavus (small shrines) which dot the district are centres of the Theyyam, a ritual dance in whichmen impersonate supernatural beings and indeed elevate Kannur to a land of fabulous fantasies.

Theyyam-When the monsoon recedes, when the blue skies are clear of dark hard work is done,drums resound from the villages,far and near. This is the season of Theyyam,the old ritual dance, when men don colourful exotic dresses, paint themselves as Gods, Goddesses, devils, evilspirits and even diseases, and dance to drums and music throughout the night. There are about four hundred different kind of theyyams. The same dresses, the same colours painted on, as of old can be seen even today.Theyyam offers a fascinating and novel experience to any visitor to Kannur.

Parassinikkadavu- 18 Kilometers north of Kannur on the banks of the Valapattanam river, in a setting of great natural beauty, stands the Sri Muthappan Temple at Parassinikadavu. Steeped in legend, it is a hallowed spot. Open to all, this is the only place where one can see the Theyyam performed all around the year. On the way to Parassinikkadavu temple is the Snake Park.The demonstration of snakes is held every hour at the Snake Park.

The Sri Rama Temple at Thiruvangad is one of the oldest temples in Thalassery.

Kannur has several temples built in the traditional architectural style known for its icons, lay-out and woodcarvings.

The important ones include:
  • Peralassery Sri Subrahmanya Temple
  • Thaliparamba Siva Temple
  • Trichambaram Sree Krishna Temple
  • Annapoorna Temple-Cherukunnu
  • Kottiyoor Siva Temple
  • Trikkayikunnu Siva Temple-Koothuparamba
  • Subrahmanya Temple-Payyanur
  • The Sree Sundereshwara Temple at Kannur and Jagannatha Temple
    at Tellicherry were established by the great saint and social reformer Sree Narayana Guru.

At the Thodikalam temple, said to have been built during the 16th century, mural paintings cover the inner walls.

Kunhimangalam at  Payyanur is famous for its unique bronze  lamps& bronze sculptures. They are  available for purchase at reasonable rates.