Origin of the Name of the District

The Cannanore district derives its name from the location of its headquarters in Cannanore town. The term Cannanore is the anglicised form of the Malayalam word Kannur. According to one view "Kannur" is the corruption of Kanathur -an ancient village of the name of which survives even today in one of the wards of the Cannanore Municipality. Perhaps like several other ancient towns of Kerala, Cannanore has also taken its name from one of the deities of the Hindu Pentheon.Some writers have expressed the view that the term Kannur is the compound of the two words Kannan(Lord Krishna)and Ur (Place). This would make Cannanore the place of Lord Krishna. It is worth mentioning that the deityof the Katalayi Sri Krishna temple in near by Chirakkal, was originally installed in a shrine at " KatalayiKotta"in the south-eastern part of the present Cannanore Town.

Come to Kannur! The Land of ageless charm!

Kannur is a land with a resonant past.Myths and legends abound. The ships of Solomon, they say: anchored along our coasts to collect timber for building the 'Temple of the Lord'.Kannur finds mention as NAURA in the 'Periplus of  the Erithrean Sea' a Greek word of great antiquity

For long local Rajas held sway over the land.The Kolathiris were based at Chirakkal. The Pazhassi Raja ruled from Kottayam in Tellicherry taluk. The Beebi (Queen)of Arakkal, Kerala's only Muslim Royal familycontrolled parts of the coast and even the Laccadive Islands!

Kalari - Thalassery is the seat of the martial art Kalari Payattu, forerunner of Karate& Kung-fu. Around 40 Kalaries arenas of the martial art-are spread aroundthe district. Kalari Chikitsa, a special type of physio therapic treatment for  deseases as well as toning up the body is also conducted in Kalaries.

The German connection

Dr. Herman Gundert, Missionary of the Basel Mission and linguist extra ordinary arrived in Tellichrry in 1839. Over the next 20 years he edited and compiled the first Malayalam journal and the first English Malayalam Dictionary respectively. In addition to that he wrote text books for children   Gundert is today, a household word in Malabar. HisBungalow can be seen at nearby Illikunnu.


Spices& Cashew - Spices were items of special value in the ancient and medieval western world.

Important spices like black pepper,ginger,turmeric and cinnamon grew in profusion in Kannur. Anjarakkandy has got the biggest Cinnamon estate in Asia. The ancient Romans sent regular fleets from the Red seato trade for these commodities . The vast demand for spices finally prompted the Portuguese to discover the direct searoute to India in 1498. The cashewtree was introduced here by the Portuguese. Today cashewnut is a major export earner for the State.

Gourmets' Delight

A Kannur exclusive ! Relish spicy fried Kallumakais(mussels) with fragrant Malabar Biriyani, an exclusive delicacy from Kannur. The lingering sweetness of Kinnathappams and Tapioca chips will take you to the heights of culinary ecstasy.

Malayala Kalagramam: Situated at Kannur's southern tip in New Mahe. Connoisseurs can find the Malayala Kalagramam as a renowned centre for arts and ideas.It houses the only Art Gallery in Kannur. Courses inpainting,Sculpture, Music, Dance and Pottery are offered.